Nomads: Iran Edition- Padena

Nomads, Iran ©MK

After years of traveling to Iran, I yearned to see what life was like for those living outside the big-city bubbles most of us as diaspora are used to returning too. A more recent trip was to a Padena, a small village in the county of Semirom, a few hours outside of Isfahan. I was lucky enough to be able to stay with a family of nomads staying on the outskirts of town, waking to freshly churned butter in the morning, learning to dance in traditional gypsy style garb, and gaining insight into the lives of these pastoral tribes…

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Isfahan, Iran: “Half of the World”

Naghshe Jahan, or Shah’s Square ©MK

Isfahan, once one of the largest most important cities in the world (hence it’s dubbed name “Nesfe Jahan” or “Half of the World”) is today Iran’s second most populated city. Luckily this beautiful historic city happens to be hometown to some of my closest family members, giving me a great excuse to explore all the sights it has to offer on a biennial basis….

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Nomads: Iran Edition- Kurdistan

Nomads, Kurdestan ©MK

Nomadic women carrying their water for the day

After years of traveling to Iran, I yearned to see what life was like for those living outside the big-city bubbles most of us as diaspora are used to returning to. One of my most memorable trips of this sort was to the Kurdistan region, border of Iran-Iraq, home to Kurdish nomads. Traveling to this war-torn region where its people have faced every problem, from border tensions, to land mines, government negligence, bombardments, ect. really allowed me to see Iran from a different perspective…

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Lima, Peru: The “Culinary Capital”

Known as the “culinary capital of the America’s”, this city really lived up to its name, amazing fresh seafood, ceviche and desserts…Buenos Aires for the carnivorous foodie’s, and Lima for the pescetarians…


  • Pescado Capitales- my favorite spot for what I thought was the best ceviche in town…keep in mind many cevicheria’s are open for lunch-time only, so unlike Argentina you could look forward to your lunch as much as, if not more than, your dinner…

Ceviche, Pescado Capitales ©MK

  • Brujas de Cachiche- high-end traditional Peruvian food, delicious well executed dishes….

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Peru: Footsteps of the Inca’s

Memorable moment Atop Machu Picchu ©MK

Machu Picchu- The Lost City of the Inca’s” from the 1400’s AD. no superlative could possibly describe this epic scene

  • After a month of backpacking, decided to skip the week-long Inca Trail, instead opting to take an easier/quicker/cheaper route  taking a bus from Cusco to Aguas Calientes, staying the night, then waking up at 3am to hop on another minibus up to catch the sunrise and get one of the limited tickets to hike Wayna Picchu. Wayna Picchu is the steep mountain overlooking the ruins, a vigorous hike but incredible views of the site so an absolute must.
  • Recommend packing some energy bars and water, the climb up without these was not so fun….

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Breathless in Bolivia: Literally and Figuratively

La Paz, colorful alleyways ©MK

Why you’re left breathless:

  • La Paz (up to 4050 meters above sea level): meaning one flight of stairs = a triathlon
  • Largest indigenous population in the America’s (over 60%) and parts of grinding poverty, provides American’s a culture shock like no other
  • Lake Titicaca’s breathtaking rich blue waters and skies….

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Rurrenabaque, Bolivia: Amazon Rainforest Adventure

Crocodiles of the Amazon ©MK

After years of obsessing over Planet Earth episodes I was finally able to witness these scenes first-hand…Fun trip into the Amazon included everything from swimming with pink dolphins and aligators; hunting for anaconda’s; and piranha fishing…

** Plan your trip from La Paz, Bolivia, the best option is to take a small propeller jet to Rurrenabaque (not for the faint of heart) and then hop on a dusty jeep taking you closer to the rainforest, from there you’ll start your journey on a canoe down the river! Remember to get your shots (something I regretfully neglected to do) and bring lots of mosquito repellant, the biting get quite brutal at nights…

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Salta Province, Argentina

Salta City in Salta Province, northern Argentina ©MK

….impresionantes de la ciudad….

Argentina’s Northern province, a colorful wind-carved land where one could enjoy two joys in life: breathtaking nature and wonderful music (at one of Salta’s many pena’s), great experience….


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