Isfahan, Iran: “Half of the World”

Naghshe Jahan, or Shah’s Square ©MK

Isfahan, once one of the largest most important cities in the world (hence it’s dubbed name “Nesfe Jahan” or “Half of the World”) is today Iran’s second most populated city. Luckily this beautiful historic city happens to be hometown to some of my closest family members, giving me a great excuse to explore all the sights it has to offer on a biennial basis….

Although some may be hesitant about traveling to Iran, its unique historical sights, specifically in Isfahan and Shiraz, attract a large and increasing number of tourists from all around the globe. This city, which sits along the flowing Zayandeh River and at the foothills of the Zagros mountains, has many sites protected as UNESCO World heritage sites, one of my favorites being Naghshe Jahan, or Shah’s Square….

Naghshe Jahan, formerly known as Shah’s Square- at the heart of the city, this square takes you back to Silk Road days where it served as the Shah’s palace and Imperial Bazaar….

Masjed-e Shah ©MK

The square at dusk, horse-drawn carriage ride in the background

Bazaar ©MK

Shopping for antique jewelry at one of many jewelry stands in the Grand Bazaar



Antique goods, Grand Bazaar

Antique Goods, Naghsh’e Jahan ©MK


Traditional clothing


Beautiful Bridges of Isfahan- (mostly built in the 1500’s)

Si-o-se Pol ©MK

Si-o-se Pol, or 33 Bridge exemplifies Iranian bridge design….unfortunately this piece of architectural history are at risk of corrosion due to constant water cutoffs, such as this one from my trip in 2009..

Si-o-se Pol, or 33 Bridge

Khaju Bridge ©MK

Walkways of Khaju Bridge– the beautiful Khaju not only serves as a bridge, but as a popular meetup spot….at night you can find locals singing traditional song in the corridors, couples taking strolls, ect.

Under the Khaju Bridge ©MK

Khaju Bridge ©MK

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