Sunday Brunch: Rose Cafe

{{ 3.5/5.0 }}

One of my favorite things about San Fran are the many great brunch spots…one favorite spot close to my old neighborhood in Marina is Rose’s Cafe. My first time was on a lazy sunny Sunday while strolling through Union St….Nice ambiance and crowd (minus the lovely lady next to me who had the most intriguing conversation, with herself, throughout the whole meal)…service was a bit slow and inattentive, although it was quite a busy day…

Blood Orange Tea, Rose Cafe ©MK

Pot of Blood Orange Tea– love blood oranges, love tea, so I clearly enjoy this drink. The bits of blood orange pulp are a nice touch.

Smoked Salmon Pizza, Rose Cafe ©MK

Smoked Salmon Pizza– this seems to be there signature dish, Creme Fraiche & Scrambled Eggs topped with slices of Smoked Salmon on top of a thin crispy bread, delicious and a perfect filling yet light brunch item…


Chicken Tarragon Sausage with Poached Eggs & Spicy Tomato Sauce– another good option, although seemed to lack oomph..

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