Nomads: Iran Edition- Kurdistan

Nomads, Kurdestan ©MK

Nomadic women carrying their water for the day

After years of traveling to Iran, I yearned to see what life was like for those living outside the big-city bubbles most of us as diaspora are used to returning to. One of my most memorable trips of this sort was to the Kurdistan region, border of Iran-Iraq, home to Kurdish nomads. Traveling to this war-torn region where its people have faced every problem, from border tensions, to land mines, government negligence, bombardments, ect. really allowed me to see Iran from a different perspective…

Kurdistan, Iran ©MK

Boys will be boys…

Landscape ©MK


Necessary form of transportation


Baby blue pickup


Glimmer of faith…


Evading child-labor laws…

Little girl, Kurdistan, Iran ©MK


Cowboys of Kurdistan


Lady in red…



Kurdish Nomadic Women

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