Dinner in the City: Kokkari Estiatorio

Dinner in the City: Kokkari Estiatorio

{{ 4.8/5.0 }}

Kokkari is one of those places that always has me coming back…Even picky Persian dad who’s convinced no restaurant can ever match a good home-cooked meal likes it….


Zucchini Cakes– served with a light cucumber & mint yogurt sauce, crispy on the outside, moist on the inside…delish!! My fav appetizer dish (two with each order, perfect to split with a date)

Grilled Octopus- nice change to the regular calamari, also a fav tender, not chewy with a flavorful stuffing

Saghanaki– seasoned pan fried greek cheese…so fried cheese, not something I would normally order or find appealing, surprisingly not bad and worth trying

Grilled Lamb Meatballs– with spiced tomato sauce and greek yogurt, tasted good, but at the end of the day a meatball is just a meatball…

Main Course: 

Grilled Lamb Chops, Kokkari

Grilled Lamb Chops– lthe signature dish and worthy of its praise, cooked to perfection every time, what else could I say, I’m in love.

Lamb Shank, Kokkari

Lamb Shank- fall off the bone meat, clearly evident that it’d been slowly cooked grandma-style, well paired with orzo and myzithra, more meat than the lamb chops so nice and filling, flavorful choice

Moussaka– traditional Greek casserole w/eggplant, lamb, ect…my friend loved her’s but I was a little put off by the cinnamon undertones (not a fan of cinnamon in non-desert foods)

Mediterranean Sea Bass- wood oven-roasted, delicious, although I would much rather order this at another restaurant and stick with my lamb dishes at Kokkari

Impeccable. Servers have been attentive with attention to detail…

Warm, inviting, and with the lambs slowly roasting on the fire it reminded me of a Greek grandma’s kitchen…
If you get a chance to go with a large group try to reserve the private dining room. You take the elevator downstairs, separate from the rest of the restaurant, it feels so homely….bring your on wine (with corkage fees) and good company it makes for a great time!

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