Dinner in the City: Allegro Romano

Dinner in the City: Allegro Romano

{{ 4.0/5.0 }}

Was looking for a new Italian spot in the hood’ and came across this little gem. My love for food often blinds me to everything/everyone around me so I’m usually not one to rate a restaurant primarily based on service and ambiance, but this particular spot stood out for me in this case….

Carpaccio alla Romana, Allegro Romano

Carpaccio alla Romana– thinly sliced carpaccio w/shaved Parmesan cheese, arugula, and truffle oil…great light starter

Lobster Ravioli– lobster & crab stuffed ravioli in a delicious pink cream sauce…rich and creamy, yum!

Chocolate Truffle– a must for chocolate lovers

Although not usually a fan of Italian restaurants and their semi-cheesy celeb wall pics, it’s a nice small, cozy, dimly lit and romantic spot with scattered rose petals on tables…

With the eccentric owner Lorenzo giving you his personal attention and the tradition of singing along to “That’s amore” at the end of the night, you feel as if you’re having dinner at your favorite Italian uncle’s house, love it!…it did make me sad to learn that I wasn’t the only one to receive a rose upon leaving though…ego shattered…

Rose, Allegro Romano

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