Salta Province, Argentina

Salta City in Salta Province, northern Argentina ©MK

….impresionantes de la ciudad….

Argentina’s Northern province, a colorful wind-carved land where one could enjoy two joys in life: breathtaking nature and wonderful music (at one of Salta’s many pena’s), great experience….


Day-trips to the wind-carved mountains- 

Salta Province  ©MK

Salta Province ©MK

Salta Province ©MK

The beautiful Cerro de los Siete Colores, or Seven Color Hill

Stay in Salta city- the capital of Salta, the best preserved colonial architecture in Argentina, museum with the best preserved ancient mummies, beautiful view from tele-cabins, and traditional music cafe’s

‘Salinas Grandes’ Salt Flats, an absolute must for all!- although less known and smaller than ‘Salar de Uyuni’ in Bolivia, I found these Salt Flats much easier/cheaper to get to and less crowded, making for some amazing pictures…

Salinas Grandes Salt Flats ©MK

Salinas Grandes Salt Flats ©MK

As you can see, we had some fun with this…


Jose Balcarce- truly a lovely local gem….innovative menu with a unique modern-rustic-yet-elegant decor 

Decisions, decisions…..decided to try the llama while I had the chance (llama meat is quite tough but worth a try) this dish comes with en quinoa bread, encerradito de coca, and crema de habas…veal medallions, also a good choice

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