Rurrenabaque, Bolivia: Amazon Rainforest Adventure

Crocodiles of the Amazon ©MK

After years of obsessing over Planet Earth episodes I was finally able to witness these scenes first-hand…Fun trip into the Amazon included everything from swimming with pink dolphins and aligators; hunting for anaconda’s; and piranha fishing…

** Plan your trip from La Paz, Bolivia, the best option is to take a small propeller jet to Rurrenabaque (not for the faint of heart) and then hop on a dusty jeep taking you closer to the rainforest, from there you’ll start your journey on a canoe down the river! Remember to get your shots (something I regretfully neglected to do) and bring lots of mosquito repellant, the biting get quite brutal at nights…

  • Rare animals in their natural habitat- 

Crocodiles of the Amazon ©MK

Despite the looks, they were quite harmless compared to the mosquitoes!

Capybara’s ©MK

Capybara’s, AKA Giant Rats


  • Beautiful Amazon Sunsets:


Testing my football skill before sunset


Like a scene out of Lion King 🙂

  • Interesting Activities: 

Piranha ©MK

Piranha fishing…hard/dangerous catch with tasty results

Swimming with the pretty Pink River Dolphins (playing with our feet here!)…piranha’s+alligators as well…

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