Buenos Aires, Argentina

Morbid Alleyways of Recoleta Cemetery ©MK

Buenos Aires, Argentina: one of my favorite countries throughout the world, amazing steak (carnivores dream), red wine, stunning architecture, lively nightlife, and rich culture/history…


  • Recoleta- upscale neighborhood, home to “Cementario de la Recoleta”, graveyard to the rich and famous (i.e Juan and Eva Peron

Recoleta, Cemetery Mausoleums ©MK

Stopped by right before close/sunset to catch it at its eeriest…

Creepy cats of Recoleta   ©MK



  • Cafe Dada- Geat little neighborhood gem, a fav spot despite being the lesser known of most of the other Buenos Aires eateries tried

Low-key dimmed wine bar with one of my all-time favorite meals the Lomo de Dada, melt-in-your mouth filet atop potato gratin and topped with a wonderful pate mmm

  • La Cabrera- located in Palermo district, great neighborhood for some SOHO style boutique shopping and fun bar-hopping…useful while waiting for the uber late starts that defines Buenos Aires dinners. You can not beat the quality of food and service at this place and you’d be surprised at the bang for your buck value. “Oje de Bife”, or Ribeye, is the way to go to truly get that rich, juicy, beefy flavor and satisfy that carnivorous monster that lurks within 🙂

***Remember to ask your red meat to be brought “jugoso” (in my case “muy muy jugoso”), well-done is the default in Argentina (baffling to me, equivalent of deep frying your fresh wild sushi grade tuna)


  • Catch a football game- I’d specifically planned my trip to catch the insanity of World Cup in South America that year, but if you’re not as lucky with timing a fun option is a local Boca Juniors match in the crime-ridden yet colorful heart of Buenos Aires, La Boca neighborhood. Get ready for some of the most enthusiastic fans you’ve ever come across…

All eyes on Messi in Plaza San Martin…thousands enduring cold+rain for the love of football

La Boca ©MK

La Boca neighborhood, home to the Boca Juniors

  • Sunday Afternoon Fairs– El Resero in the western part of town, the “Mataderos” area, is a great place to catch some folk-dancing/outfits, stock up on souvenirs from the many craft vendors, and real Argentine parilla/barbecue fresh of the grill

Street Fair ©MK

 My very own caricature at the street fair 🙂 

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